Maritime Well-Being: everyone wins

How to make crisis-preparedness pay off by preventing disruptive events, such as accidents, disasters, maritime crime, piracy, corruption, suicide or excessive internal conflicts?

Such disruptive events prevent performance, should be faced and even prevented from happening.


Disruptive events are mostly caused by human error. Focus on humanitarian value is crucial to successful ship management.
We must ensure we work together as an industry to raise standards and encourage good staff – the best and the brightest – to enter and stay in shipping, supported by a responsible company.

Build a risk resilient organization aiming at making your firm’s global supply chain more resilient in the presence of maritime security risks.

Start with an assessment: collect security related potential disruptive events, analyse them, reflect on them. Based on a matrix with action parameters such as awareness, resources, information sharing, crisis management and insurance, a policy is set up and tools are developed based on a continuum of care. Training and coaching to put the policy into daily practice is the logical final step.



What’s in it for you? Better crisis preparedness results in more safety, less downtime, better performance and no extra expenses on rerouting and repatriation.

Your company will be rewarded with more profit, a better reputation and a stronger corporate image. Good care is profitable: 1 + 1 = 3.

Everyone wins.

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