Apportivity: Benefits of mobile productivity for ports.

PortExpertise joined forces to help ports develop and implement systems and processes that leverage mobile technology to enhance productivity and reduce costs. When we combine mobile technology with the knowledge and experience of the operational processes of ports, significant benefits occur.


It is difficult to image a world more mobile than the maritime and ports sector. Unfortunately many of the systems that manage, process and secure the valuable cargo and passengers remain paper-based, static and repetitive. The use of the mobile internet, mobile devices and mobile applications provide an opportunity to reduce costs and enhance productivity.

The three pillars of mobile services for the port industry include the workforce, the workflow and security. Mobility dramatically enhances the automation and productivity of the workforce and workflow; and it improves security as both procedures and communications technology are enhanced. The positive result is what we call apportivity.

PortExpertise and AppGenie (premium app builder) joined forces to help ports develop and implement systems and processes that leverage mobile technology to enhance productivity and reduce costs.   Combining mobile technology with the knowledge and experience of the operational processes of ports results in significant benefits. This white paper intends to highlight recent developments and help you understand how the mobile environment can dramatically improve workforce and workflow productivity and enhance port security.


In the 22 EU maritime states, 2,200 port operators currently employ approximately 110,000 port workers. A much larger labor force serves the port industry covering maintenance and operation of maritime infrastructures, ship operations and services, land transport, logistics activities, cargo services (e.g. freight forwarding and customs broking). Ports represent 1.5 million direct jobs. When adding indirect jobs, they represent up to 3 million jobs in the 22 maritime Member States. Additionally, a 50% increase in cargo handled in EU ports is predicted by 2030.

A tremendous amount of data communication and a vast number of players are involved in moving products and produce. Data analysis shows that on average 30 different parties are involved in international door-to-door seaborne shipments, exchanging 200+ different types of documents, representing as many as 200 business procedures. The common problem for ports is that most port procedures and processes are accomplished manually and on paper.

Today, most people own smartphones and tablets, often provided by employers. As a result, the user base has been created at no cost to the organization. For decision makers in the port industry the question is: How can my organization leverage the mobile user base to enhance productivity and save money?


The 3 pillars of mobile port productivity include:

  • workforce productivity
  • workflow productivity
  • port security

Simply stated, ports see important benefits when automation and mobility are brought directly to the workforce, the business processes and the security systems. This is the basis of apportivity.


Our team consists of experienced managers from 2 firms partnering to solve the most pressing needs of ports: AppGenie and PortExpertise. AppGenie is a leading developer of mobile application software; PortExpertise understands the flow and business process of ports. Result is a clear understanding of the complex nature of port business processes – of your business. We know how to review your specific applications and activities to create mobile solutions that enhance productivity, increase the quality of your data, provide a higher level of security, and facilitate connectivity to newly required, governmental E-windows.

  • Consult in order to analyze business needs and identify benefits
  • Create project objectives documentation and deliverables
  • Determine and select appropriate platforms and end-user devices
  • Develop mobile app / mobile website
  • Have complete beta-testing period
  • Launch mobile app / site with training and announcement

Download the in-depth version of this white paper here.

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