PortExpertise at SILBarcelona 2018

SIL2018 Barcelona Congress – MedaLogistics Summit 2018

Meda Logistics & Transport Forum

Masterclass with the global leaders of the Mediterranean. Opportunities always come with challenges!

Joris Claeys, PortExpertise (BE/ES)

speaker at the MedaLogistics Summit 2018

ROOM: Guillen Group

Tuesday, June 5th

Session 3: Transport & Logistics 4.0

12:30h – 13:30h


The importance of focusing on Transport & Logistics 4.0 is of vital importance to advance towards an innovative and new 4.0 Economy. Studying the impact of this new digital revolution and its relations with these key and inclusive sectors of the Mediterranean.

  • Start smart: is the Mediterranean becoming a pioneer in digital infrastructure & innovative logistics solutions?
  • How can digital infrastructures contribute to furthering business activities in across the region?
  • Project Pitches for ICT, Transport & Logistics
  • Mediterranean and European start-ups presenting innovative solutions.
  • Digital revolution and labour revolution
  • Strategic alliances & co-innovation: a new way for business development

Wednesday, June 6th

Session 2: Stimulating Ports Connectivity through Cooperation – Which Model Should Mediterranean Ports Adopt?

10:45h – 12:00h


The Mediterranean is a sea that brings people together and a highway for trade and exchanges. In this context, enhancing the port and maritime sectors as wealth creators both on land and, through developing a sustainable blue economy, at sea, is a priority for the Mediterranean basin. More specifically, the great potential of the Mediterranean area in the port system, calls for innovative management policies to stay competitive, in a context where more and more emerging initiatives and markets calls for a mandatory evolution of the sector. Therefore, new cooperation policies are of great importance.

  • How should the Mediterranean position itself consider the emerging Chinese BRI Initiative?
  • How to enhance regional cooperation to increase Mediterranean ports connectivity with African markets?
  • Presentation on “New Maritime strategies in Africa.


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