From Corisma to Comex.

PortExpertise has lead the pilots in several European countries of the European Corisma-project, aiming to improve infrastructure on inland waterways, and has ended this test phase end 2015. But now PortExpertise takes it further.

As inland shipping contributes to the greening of transport, benefits can be enhanced when RIS (River Information Systems) not only focus on infrastructure, but also on cargo, people, operations and craft. PortExpertise helped submit and gain this follow-up project of RIS enabled Corridor Management Execution with focus on uniform services, processes and technologies on European scale.

The follow-up action is further in line with the Digital Single Market initiative of the European Commission. It mainly addresses the policy area of “better online access to digital goods and services” but is also in line with “an environment where digital networks and services can prosper”.

Inland waterway transport (IWT) plays an important role in the transport of goods in Europe with about 500 million tons of freight and 140 billion ton-kilometers per year. Compared to other modes of transport which are often confronted with congestion and capacity problems, inland waterway transport is characterized by its reliability, low transport costs, its low environmental impact, its high energy efficiency, its high safety levels and its major capacity for increased exploitation. Inland waterway transport can, therefore, contribute to the greening of transport and can provide possibilities to keep freight moving.

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