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PortExpertise provides market research with clearcut solutions and answers to questions. It delivers professional corporate communications services to the global maritime industry. Combining strategic experience with practical know-how, PortExpertise helps companies tell their stories through a range of media channels.

Fields of expertise

Marketing strategy, plan, tools • PR & media strategy and implementation • Events • Client surveys • Cargo flows identification • Benchmark of terminals, port authorities, IT, clustering

Other cases in this field of expertise

PCS & National Single Windows Pakistan 2019

Pakistan ratified the WTO’s Agreement on Trade Facilitation in 2015 and as such committed herself to the establishment of a trade related National Single Window (NSW) by 2022. PortExpertise's, together with partner Railistics assisted the World Bank in assessing the way forward on the nation's PCS. The findings clearly showed the inter connectivity between the NSW and the Port Community Systems. While the on-line customs system clears 40% of the containerised cargo within minutes (green channel), the overall container dwelling time in the port remained at 9 days on average. Our effort identified the bottlenecks from operational, legal and procedural perspective and its remediations, and set up a roadmap and budget.

RIS Italy 2 day workshop 2018

The full organisation, including delivering content from - among others - PortExpertise's experts of the technical workshop for Italy's project 'Study for standard enhancement and interconnection of national systems of RIS – Italy”. Besides lectures, in-the-field visits were performed. Attendants were PM Sistemi Territoriali SpA, Agenzia Interregionale per il Po (AIPo), RINA, RAM Logistica, Infrastrutture e Trasporti Spa.

Enhancement of operational capabilities of Port of Baku (2018-2019)

Delivering services to contract holder Ecorys, PortExpertise's activities consisted of the development of a Risk Management System (RMS) for the port's operations, as part of developing the port's strategy and new organisational form.

Rail activities in Port Area analysis (2018)

A joined effort with Railistics GmbH, the team performed a full analysis of current rail activities in port area of Antwerp, on operational, legal and organizational dimension. Comparison to alternative organisational concepts in similar conditions were performed (cfr Germany, France, … ).

DocksTheFuture 2018 – 2020

Developing the methodology for a coordinated approach to the clustering, monitoring and evaluation of results of the actions under the Ports of the Future. PortExpertise acted as Lead of work package 1 ‘Port of the Future: definition of the concept’, defining data analysis approach, developing database, query functionalities, co-author of deliverable; as Subject Matter Experts to work packages 2 ‘selection and clustering of projects and initiatives of interest’, work package 3 ‘Evaluation: analysis of the clustered projects and activities of interest’, participating in workshops with external experts from maritime industry, and as member of steering committee.

Port strategy development plan, Edo, Benin, 2017.

PortExpertise provided a pre-positioning of the region's hinterland port development plan in order to link it to the nation's national strategy. PortExpertise also identified the cargo flows, forecasted traffic flows, foresaw training facilities and drafted the layout, the project financing and the necessary IT-applications.

Feasibility study and CBA for dangerous cargo terminal, Croatia, 2013-14.

PortExpertise provided technical assistance for preparing solutions, did a feasibility study with cost-benefit analysis for dangerous cargo terminal, and identified the optimal operator model.

Dry Port study, 3 Jordan ports, Jordan, 2012-13.

PortExpertise did the research for dry ports and logistics centers in Jordan. This study dealt with traffic flow analysis, demand assessment, including refeasibility studies for 3 locations (Aqaba, Amman and Mafraq) and PPP-finance options.

Pre-screening, establishment and evaluation of European subsidy projects on EU-program specs, Antwerp, 2014-17.

PortExpertise pre-screens European subsidy projects on EU-program specs: eligibility, financial plan, risk management, dissemination plan etc. It also helps to complete the applications and provides calculations and the always requested dissemination and communication plan. The EU-programs deal with mobility, innovation in marine context, such as the TEN-T program and Horizon 2020. PortExpertise experts also evaluate European subsidy applications from private companies and public authorities from all EU-member states.

House style and logo development, newsletter for Euroshore, 2014-2019

PortExpertise created branding and logo, defined the house style, newsletter content and review for Euroshore, an International Trade Association of port reception facility providers in Europe and beyond.

Feasibility study to improve maritime connectivity, South West Indian Ocean region, 2014-16.

PortExpertise prepared a feasibility study to improve maritime connectivity and set the conditions for the establishment of a regional feeder service in the SW Indian Ocean Region, Mauritius Indian Ocean Islands, 2014-2016.

Drafting waste management plan for inland navigation for Flanders, 2009-10.

PortExpertise drafted waste management plan for inland navigation for Flanders, consisting of draft regulations for inland shipping and ports. Its experts consulted stakeholders, set up a model for the notification and enforcement of the MARPOL 73/78 Convention and the EU-Directive 2000/59. EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency) uses today this model as the preferred model for Europe. It is an integrated IT-system where port authority, port state control and the environmental agency can verify and validate the data.

Assessment of port operations and process performance, Port of Conakry, Bissau, 2016-17.

PortExpertise assesses port operations and processes performance of the port of Conakry, Bissau, in the perspective of developing and modernizing the port. It maps the structure of the port, evaluates its cost structure (breakbulk and container terminal) and compares the latter with competitive ports of Dakar, Bissau and Abidjan. It also evaluates the indicators assessing Conakry port's competitivity.

Master Plan update, Guinea-Bissau, 2015-16.

PortExpertise diagnosed the actual situation of the port of Guinee-Bissau and realized a concept plan as well as the first basic documents needed to take action towards a new organization and expansion for the port. PortExpertise presented a financial model including CAPEX, tariffs, operational costs, the relevant parties' financing, revenues and returns. It proposed a restructuring plan consistinf of the new organizational structure, costs, benefits and risks of the withheld evolutive scenario.

Study of port tariffs, fees and land lease rates, Port Authority of Suriname, 2015.

PortExperise developed a financial model which is to be used by the Port Authority of Suriname as a tool to evaluate its present port tariffs, fees and land lease rates.

Commercial and marketing audit, Hamburg-Le Havre range, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, 2013.

PortExpertise relaized commercial audits and market studies (potential, commercial activities, customs management systems, commercial distribution channels, pricing strategies, quality management, branding and communication strategies for the port areas of Hamburg-Le Havre range, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Port reorganization and PPP-possibilities, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, 2012.

PortExpertise assessed Tanzania’s ports in a regional economic environment. It prepared considerations for alternative ports management structures and models as well as the financial implications of ports and logistics reforms. PortExpertise also advised on port and logistics regulatory issues, gave policy and reform recommendations when assessing PPP-possibilities for transport infrastructure development.

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